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Beschrijving van NFC ReTAG PRO

Don´t buy expensive NFC tags!

Use any NFC tag to trigger multiple functions!

Re-use/recycle write protected NFC Tags such as hotel key-cards, access badges, price tags, lift cards, key fobs etc...

You can use this app to associate multiple functions (e.g. toggle Wlan, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Airplane mode, start navigation,run Tasker task, launch any installed app, use media buttons, call a phone number, add a timestamp, calendar entry etc.) to a specific NFC Tag via an app internal database.

(ANY tag = re-writable AND write protected!)

This app does not write or change any NFC tags (except you want to write a special (NFC ReTAG) tag for better dispatching)! Reads only the ID of the tag!

*!* NFC enabled device required *!*

Support forum: 1.6

* Set Alarm Volume

* Connect to a specific WiFi SSID

* Enable/ disable Mobile Hotspot

* New toogle parameter for Mobile Data

* Enable/ disable Car Mode (BETA)

* Added format option for NOT formated tags

* Added additional smarttag write option (Favourite tag)

* Added Tasker fallback setting (for manual adding of tasks)

* Added setting for disabling "http://" prefix within browse activity

* UI improvements and bugfixes

Update 1.5

* Set Alarm

* Set Timer

* Set Brightness (auto, value)

* Launch Navigation without address

* Added fallback solution (small memory size) for writing special NFC Retag tags

* some UI improvements and bugfixes

Update 1.4.5

* Airplane mode on/off/toggle

* Mobile data on/off

* Write smarttag (Blue, Red, White, Black) for sony devices

* some UI improvements & bugfixes

V. 1.4

* TexttoSpeech

* On/Off/Toggle auto sync

* On/Off/Toggle auto rotate

* Write a special NFC ReTAG for pre-ICS devices (BETA!!!)

* Some minor improvements and bugfixes

V. 1.3:

* write special NFC ReTAG tag

*Save tag as template + Manage templates

*Set Music Volume (Parameter = integer 0 - 100)

*Set Ringer Volume (Parameter = integer 0 - 100)

*Bluetooth activate without pop-up

*Import/Export database (→ Settings)

*Auto Backup (→ Settings)

*Improved UI and some minor tweaks

V. 1.2:

* Toggle Bluetooth without Pop-up

* Mute 'Tag detected' Pop-up via preferences

* Calendar entry

* Timestamp

* Mediabutton: Simulates media buttons like a headset (Parameter: Toggle Play, Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous, Fast Forward, Rewind)

* Show homescreen: Jump to the homescreen. No Parameter

* Wait: Add a wait period. Parameter: milliseconds (2500 = 2,5 seconds)

* Show Pop-up: Shows a custom pop-up. Parameter = Pop-up text.

* Improved UI and some other minor tweaks

V. 1.1: "Tasker" tasks added. (To use this feature,Taskermust be installed and the optionMisc / Allow External Accessmust be set inTasker UI.)


Change settings(WLan, Bluetooth, Ringer mode), Navigation, App Launcher, Browse URL, Call phone number or USSD code, Dial special Dialer codes

Full description and changelog: enable: start saved functions when tag is detected.

Automode disabled: edit saved functions when tag is detected. You can also manually edit the database via the database button.

For edit or delete items/activities in database please longpress item.

An ad supported free version (with limited number of tags) and an unlimited ad-free (PRO) version is available. Please check if this app works on your phone via the FREE version before downloading the PRO version.

Supports any standard android NFC tags (NFC Forum Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, MIFARE Classic, Ultralight(C), DESFire etc.).

Hint: Some security related NFC Tags (e.g. in passports) change their ID on every read attempt. This app will not work with such tags. Tags containing only an URL will only work when app is in foreground.

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